Suggestions for Curtain Decoration

Suggestions for Curtain Decoration 

Curtains are your helpers to complete your room. In addition to their basic functions such as controlling the light coming from outside and ensuring the privacy of your home, you should not forget the color they add to your decoration.

When choosing curtains for your home, your first priority should be the decoration style.

You should use the curtains that vary in a sporty and classic way among curtain models in harmony with your own style. You have many options for curtain models. When determining the color of these, you should start from the colors of the furniture and accessories you use in your home. If the area where you will use the curtain is decorated with plain color tones, it can be good for the contrast effect to have a more vivid color.

Another factor that is as important as the choice of your curtain is the size of the curtain. When determining the size of your curtain, you should take the shape of your window as basis. It would be better to use curtains that are not too long, such as zebra or roller blinds, rather than using a curtain that completely covers a half-window that is too high. The same is the case with tall windows. If you have a long window, you should benefit from long background curtains, long string curtains or panel curtains.

The technical details you will pay attention to when choosing curtains. Whichever part of your house you choose, the width of this curtain should be 2.5 times your window. In order to make the area where you use curtains look long, you should place your curtain rail at the top point.

Decorative Curtain Models

Zebra Curtains

Zebra Curtains are very popular. It is possible to see zebra curtains used in many houses. If your decoration style is suitable for using zebra curtains, you can use this curtain model. Zebra curtains are curtains with a more sporty look. Therefore, if you have a house that you decorated in a classical way, you should stay away from this type of curtain. Zebra curtains, the part you will use is also appropriate. Zebra curtains are one of the most preferred curtains in kitchens and children's rooms. 

Roller Blind

Roller blinds, which come into our lives mostly as office curtains, are now one of the curtains that are frequently used in homes. Roller blinds are curtains that look sporty like zebra curtains. Therefore, you can easily use PU curtains in your children's rooms. Especially if you decorate the roller blinds, which also have digitally printed options, with a character your child likes, you can ensure that your child has a pleasant time in his room besides a good appearance.

Double Breasted

Double-breasted curtains are among the curtains that are very stylish with their appearance. These curtains, which can be shaped thanks to their special mechanisms or placed ropes, are especially ideal for living room decorations. Double-breasted curtains, which are among the classic curtains in terms of their appearance, can also be used in modern styles to provide an eclectic look.

Rustic Curtain

Rustic curtains, which are the favorite of authentic homes, also provide a modern look. Rustic curtains are fabric drapes suspended from a metal or wooden rod-shaped cornice. Rustic curtains can be plain color as well as patterned options. Rustic curtains can be used in longer or shorter shapes depending on the size of the glass used. 

Rope Curtain

If you want to have curtains inside the house and let the light coming from outside as much as possible, you can choose rope curtains. Rope curtains are curtains formed by using rows of strips together. The intermittent images of these curtains allow light to enter through them. Rope curtains are generally the types that suit tall windows. Especially if you decorate the sections with balcony doors with rope curtains, you can both benefit from the light and ensure your privacy. 

Venetian Blinds

Blind Curtains, which are mostly used in offices, have begun to be tried in homes. Blindscurtains, which have their own mechanisms, are available in wood and metal forms. Although the cleanliness and price of the blinds create a question mark in minds, they add a difference to the environment they enter with their appearance. Blind curtains do not have a structure that will keep the odor inside, making them attractive for kitchens.

Folded Curtain

Folded Curtain, as the name suggests, is a type of curtain that can be folded. If you are going to use folding curtains, you should choose your curtain fabric according to your decoration style. This type of curtain, in which horizontal laths placed in the curtain fabric are folded over each other, can adapt to many decoration styles.

Japanese Curtain

The Japanese Curtain, also known as the panel curtain, is one of the curtains that has attracted the attention of many people recently. Japanese curtains that stretch in the form of a vertical and straight panel have solid color and patterned options. The light color tones you choose for the French balconies, where Japanese curtains look best, add freshness to your environment. The important point you will pay attention to using Japanese curtains is that there is no plasterboard in your home. Since the mechanism of Japanese curtains is placed very deep into the wall, if there is a plasterboard, it becomes difficult to install the mechanism.

Alitalya Curtain

Italian curtains are curtains that center the window without closing it completely. These curtains, which are generally decorated with shabby and fringes, give a stylish look to the environment in which they are used. Especially used in the halls, Italian curtains can be used as a mechanism and mechanism.

Background Curtain

When it comes to curtains, it is not without mentioning the background curtains found in almost many houses. Background curtains are more preferred because they bring a decorative difference to the environment rather than being used functionally. Background curtains, which appear as two wings on the tulles, can be used in different colors and patterns. When choosing a background curtain, you should choose a background curtain that will match the color of the furniture you use.

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