Solar Energy and Solar Panel

Solar Energy and Solar Panel

Solar energy is one of the most popular options in recent years, when energy production with renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels has become widespread. Solar energy, which provides energy production thanks to solar panels and is used with high efficiency by using an endless source, can be used almost everywhere. Thanks to the solar panels that can be produced in various sizes and capacities, very large power plants can be established, and they can be transformed into light and small mini energy sources that can be carried in a bag while going to the camp. Solar energy is a completely environmentally friendly, affordable, long-lasting and reliable method of energy generation, so it is preferred by many industrial establishments, agricultural lands or residences.


Solar Energy Panel

Solar panels, which are the main equipment of solar energy systems, are produced using different capacities and materials. Solar panels are classified according to the material they are produced from, and the most common panel types used are monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. Since the panels are named according to these solar cells, the monocrystalline structure is not the panel itself, but the solar cells that form the panel by connecting in series and parallel.

When evaluated in terms of efficiency rate, lifetime and material quality, monocrystalline solar panels override polycrystalline panels. But besides its many advantages, of course, it is more expensive than polycrystalline in pricing. Materials from which photovoltaic cells are produced, in which energy conversion reactions begin by absorbing the sun's rays, directly affect the efficiency. There is an efficiency difference of 8% -10% between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.

By using fewer monocrystalline solar panels, more than the efficiency of polycrystalline solar panels can be achieved. Monocrystalline solar energy panel is more recommended, especially when it comes to factories, industrial establishments, shopping malls and daily used residences. Regardless of the material, the solar panel installation cost will pay for itself within a few years. For this reason, it is more important to choose the highest efficiency and quality of each equipment instead of cutting the budget at the beginning.


Solar Energy Systems

If you want to install a solar energy system other than panels, other equipment you need is diversified such as inverter, battery, charge controller, solar cables. Providing the highest quality options of these products will ensure the long-term use expected from solar energy without any problems.

The inverter, battery and charge controller, which should be selected depending on thesolar energy panel capacity, are necessary for generating electricity and making it available to the devices. The surplus of electricity generated by solar panels is stored in batteries and prepared for later use. The conversion of the direct current produced in the panels to alternating current used to make it suitable for the use of the devices is provided by the inverter. Thanks to the inverter, it is possible to not be affected by sudden changes such as the decrease or increase in the voltage experienced during the transmission of energy to these equipment and devices. The word meaning converter comes from here.


Advantages of Solar Energy

The use of solar energy, which is the most preferred among renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly and highly efficient, is becoming widespread day by day. Taking advantage of the sun, which is an infinite resource, is both very affordable and very useful.

Considering the annual electricity bill cost you have to allocate in the budget, it is possible to install your own energy system instead of these payments and even to make a profit by selling the surplus to the grid. If you are close to the electricity distribution line of the excess energy produced, it is highly preferred, especially by industrial establishments, to gain profit by selling.

When solar panels installed for irrigation purposes in vineyards and farmhouses or agricultural lands are not used, or when there is surplus production, the batteries can be sold to the grid instead of storing this electricity. In order to get detailed information on this subject, it is necessary to contact the institutions offering government incentives.


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