How to Choose Home Curtain Models

How to Choose Home Curtain Models?

Curtains are one of the pieces that are left last during home decoration and purchased with the least thought. However, curtains, the most important element of decoration, are incredibly effective in determining the character of the space. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right curtain for a good home decoration.

Pay attention to the effect of the curtains in the space and how they stand out in your favorite decoration examples. Because it is the curtains that show the decoration. You can understand the decoration style of a house just by looking at its curtains.

1.   Choosing the Right Curtain for the Room

The mistake most people make in choosing curtains is to like a curtain and place the same curtain in all rooms, regardless of whether it is compatible with the decoration of the rooms. In fact, each room needs a different curtain. For example, models with children's themes and without exaggeration should be preferred for the curtains for the children's room. Or, while it is important that kitchen curtains are transparent, it is necessary to choose a light-tight fabric for bedroom curtains.

2.   Useful Curtain Models

Before purchasing curtains, as you should before all decoration shopping, ask yourself the question "What would I want it to do?" Or "What should the product I buy do?" The answer will reduce your options and prevent you from deviating from your goal while shopping. After all, curtains should have more than add aesthetic value to the space. And not every curtain is suitable for every function. For example, blackout curtains for the baby's room completely darken the interior and facilitate daytime sleep, while kitchen curtains should have a light and air-permeable fabric.

3.   Privacy

One of the most used curtains in homes is white tulle curtains. Tulle curtains add a spacious and elegant look to the home, but it is not enough for privacy.In cases where privacy is important because your home is very close to the neighboring building, it would be more appropriate to use blinds that protect your privacy while receiving the light. You can also use sunshade curtains in your bedroom for privacy, and you can choose mechanical curtains in your bathroom.

4.   The Need for Light and Darkness

Another important issue when choosing curtains is light transmittance. The amount of light transmittance will vary according to the type, fabric and color of the curtain.

For example, the blackout curtains in the bedroom block the light completely and provide a dark environment for daytime sleep, while you can direct the light as you wish in the kitchen thanks to the blinds and vertical curtains.

5.   Curtain Fabric and Material Selection

There are many types of curtains in the market with many material and fabric types. In fabric curtains, it is imperative that you choose quality fabrics for the curtain to look quality and to last for a long time without aging.

Of course, the fabric you choose should be easy to maintain. In addition, very thick fabric curtains cause a rough appearance, while very thin fabric curtains wrinkle very easily and their pleats do not fall on the floor properly.

For this reason, when you hang your curtain, you should choose a quality fabric with the right thickness to make it look elegant and smooth.

There are alternatives of wood, metal and plastic materials for blinds and vertical blinds. Blind curtains can be preferred for kitchens because they are not stained and easy to clean.

6.   Choice of Curtain Color

Before you decide on the color of the curtains, you should pay attention to which front your window is facing and how much daylight it receives.

Since the windows facing south will be exposed to too much sunlight, the curtains will fade over time. For example, a silk curtain that looks very luxurious when first bought can quickly fade due to the sun over time, turning into an ugly curtain in dull colors.

For this reason, you should prefer sun-resistant color curtain fabrics or use sunshades on windows that receive direct and abundant sunlight. Also, when choosing a curtain color, you should choose different tones that match your furniture and wall color, but do not overwhelm each other.

7.   Curtain Models Suitable for Decoration

Curtains are pieces that directly emphasize the decoration style of homes. For this, the model, material and color of the curtain you choose should be compatible with the other items in the room.

For example, you should not use mechanical curtains in a classic decoration. In addition, when determining the size of the curtains, you can choose a pleated curtain touching the ground for a traditional look and a less pleated curtain a few inches above the ground for a modern look.

"When choosing home curtain models, a draped curtain touching the ground should be preferred for a traditional look, and a less pleated curtain a few centimeters above the ground should be preferred for a modern look."

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