What is 2B Land?

What is 2B Land?

Lost in the woods on the property of the Republic of Turkey, issued on behalf of the treasure out forest areas and takes the name removed plots of land 2B. 2B land is used as the abbreviation of article 2 of the Forest Law No. 6831, B clause. These lands, which have lost their forest quality, are mostly owned by the villagers and local people living in the region.

Law 2B applies to agricultural land that is no longer forestry and belongs to the treasury. Certain conditions need to be considered in order to purchase 2B plots. Some of them are as follows:

  • User or owner of the land before 2011,
  • To accept the sale price that applies to the administration to buy these lands and is determined by the administration.

Not all forest land can be 2B land. The conditions of the lands that can enter the 2B land status are predetermined. These conditions are as follows;

  • In places where it is not beneficial to remain as a forest land, but where it is found useful to be agricultural land,
  • The 2B Law gains importance in various agricultural lands such as fields, vineyards, gardens, olive groves, citrus fields, orchards or in places where there is no harm in using it in animal husbandry, which lost its forest feature before 1981.

Except for areas such as cities, towns and villages where there is construction, 2B work can be done on the lands that have the above-mentioned features and the forest land can be narrowed. 2B land applications can be made from the financial offices and property directorates.

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