Buying Homes for Students is More Profitable for Families

Buying Homes for Students is More Profitable for Families

Considering that a student spends 120,000 - 150,000 TL on rent during his 4-year undergraduate education, it can be seen that it is possible to purchase housing in amounts close to this amount. 

Demand for rental housing increased with the opening of schools

There is an increase in rental prices, especially in neighborhoods close to universities, which are preferred by university students. 206 university students in Turkey, and has a total of 7,560,371, 4,241,841 of these students studying at four-year universities. In our country, where there are 686 state dormitories in total, the number of students staying in state dormitories is 556,611. Only 8.3 percent of the students stay in state dormitories, so the number of students who prefer private dormitories and rented houses is significantly higher than those staying in state dormitories. For this reason, house rents increase in districts where universities are concentrated and students prefer the most.

Buying instead of renting pays off in the long run

It can be predicted that the rent paid by a student, whose undergraduate education lasts at least 4 years, can reach the level of 120 - 150 thousand TL at the end of 4 years of undergraduate education and it is possible to have a housing with this amount.

With the opening of schools, we see that the rents in the provinces and districts that students prefer the most tend to increase, when we multiply the house rents in the locations preferred by students with at least 4 years of education-learning period, it is actually possible for a student family to buy a house with the average amount paid for the rent and this purchase in the long term. We can say that it is more profitable.

There are alternatives that concentrate below 500 thousand TL, moreover, the sales value of the purchased house after 4 years will also increase in TL, so families can make a profit both when buying and selling.

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