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نحن شركة تركية عقارية تصنف في مقدمة الشركات العقارية في تركيا، المقر الرئيسي للشركة في إسطنبول, كما لها وكلاء في مدن أخرى داخل تركيا. تمتاز ” The House Turke”  بتركيزها على المشاريع الموثوقة أو ذات الضمان الحكومي الرسمي.

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What should be considered when buying land?

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What should be considered when buying land-land?

Our citizens, who are planning to buy land for investment or settlement, can often make wrong choices without knowing the details of the job.

Vehbi Koç has a famous saying: “If you are going to invest, buy a plot. The plot is gold. If you build a building, it becomes silver. If you put the tenant in it, it will be tinned. ”

Turkey’s richest man ever should be listened to these words.

Donald Trump, who has a considerable wealth in the world in real estate, says this on the subject:

“I did two things well, probably because of this I am successful.

  1. I always bought land from where the city ends.

2. them, cities always develop to the west, and I always bought land from the west. ”

Land-Land is the longest but most difficult way to create wealth. If you are a patient person, you have money that you don’t use, buy a land with the help of a specialist. You are rich after 5-20 years.


So, what should be considered when buying land?

  1. Invest in emerging axles

Invest wherever the city is developing. Where is there more population growth? Where is there more mobility? Where is more available for investment? Where there is more ample space? Follow these questions. And remember, cities always develop westward. Cities have grown this way around the world.

  1. Question the zoning status

Find the zoning plan of the city you want to invest in. Hatim. Read the plan notes attached to the zoning status. The plan notes inform you about the construction conditions. Also where will the big investments of the city be? Where will the roads be built? Where will the commercial areas be? Make the most sensible decision with the answers you will find on these questions.

  1. Choose places where transportation is easy

A place is the biggest way of rapidly increasing value; public transport to arrive! We saw that when the metro came to a place, prices increased with the speed of the rocket. For example, Marmaray flew the prices of Üsküdar beach. It is very difficult to predict transportation on land, but the big lottery will hit you if you foresee.

  1. Think long term

Land-Land investment is a long-term investment. If you want to make money in the short term, I would say do not navigate these waters much. For short-term investment, buy and sell in investment instruments such as foreign exchange, stock market, gold. However, they need good expertise. Otherwise, you may lose your money.

  1. Get the square meter price from the cheap

If you have many alternatives, choose the one with the lowest square meter price. The secret of the people who earn the most money in the Land-Land business is to buy the land price of 200 – 500 TL per square meter price, sell it for 10,000 TL or give it in return and buy 500 – 1,000 TL lands with that money again. Lands with high premium potential should be preferred. In this way, it also has large lands, and your right to speak is great.

  1. Do what you get and learn good information about land registry

The first is from the land registry office, and the second from the municipality. Avoid 2B, shared or title deeds. If there is a decision to be made in the municipality about the title deed you will make, or do a good search. Follow the suspended decisions well.

  1. Do not be fooled by those who say, “They beat those who do not.”

Warren Buffett has a saying: “When others are greedy, fear and stand back.” I witness this very much in land land investment. So to speak, a region becomes a hit. Everybody rides here. “They beat those who didn’t take it from here,” they say.

For example, an example is Arnavutköy. Everyone went here because the 3rd Airport and Canal Istanbul will be built. Even the butchers and hardware stores here became real estate agents. People bought land that they could not see even in the next 10 years. Don’t be one of them.

  1. Do not invest in land-land from water basins, protected areas, title deeds and courts

Risk. If it is opened for construction or if the problem is solved, it becomes a big lottery. However, if it is your first investment, especially if you do not have much money, stay away from risky investments. Rule in investment, profit increases as risk increases. However, as your money rises, I say enter into risky investments.

  1. Do not invest in land and land by purchasing shares, if you will, sign a partnership agreement beforehand

You can’t sell fast when you need money. When you want to develop a project on the plot or land, you cannot proceed fast. Unfortunately, partnership is something lagging behind in this land. However, if anyone wants to see the material and moral plus of cooperation, there is a great benefit in signing a solid partnership or shareholding agreement.

  1. Have a good real estate consultant, also work with city planners

Have a good real estate agent. Let it bring you the best alternatives. After finding a good land-plot, make the first price offer through the consultant and tire the other side. Motivate him by giving good money to the real estate agent. In addition, you can work with the city planner, report on the land or the land you will buy, whether the project can be developed or not, the city planner. 5-6 thousand TL you can spend on this subject can save you millions. Many millionaire investors are skipping this. He’s making a mistake.

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