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What is Rustic Decoration?

What is Rustic Decoration

What is Rustic Decoration?

For rustic decoration, we can say that it is the symbol of naturalness and comfort. So if you want to decorate your home in a rustic style, your job is not difficult at all. People want to create a natural environment in their homes as much as possible in order to get away from the stress of busy business and city life.

You can take every material found in nature without harming the nature and turn it into a usable state for your home. Like the floors of such houses, the ceilings are made of wooden flooring. Earth and natural tones are used whenever possible.

Pleasures are very important when decorating a home. There are many types of home decoration and homeowners choose these models according to their tastes and desires. Rustic decoration is to present nature by combining it with the effects of ancient style by bringing it into a modern atmosphere. Rustic style is used very often, especially in homes in Europe. It is a style that has started to be seen not only in Europe but also in many different countries.

There are a few tricks that should be considered and followed when making rustic decoration. The frequent use of pure wood stands out in this decoration model. Untreated natural trees are generally preferred to achieve a natural look. These models are used frequently, especially in the hall.

Tables and chairs made of raw wood are also preferred in the kitchen. Apart from that, tree motifs of the same color or similar tones to be used on both the coffee table and the walls will add a rustic atmosphere to the home.

How to Make Rustic Decoration?

If you want to bring all the traces of natural life to your home, then rustic decoration is just for you. However, the point to pay attention to while doing this decoration is to carry the traces of the old to the house. Adapting the influence of the old years to homes in a modern way is the most successful examples of rustic decoration.

Generally, when adapting to such homes, care is taken to use unprocessed materials. Untreated trees add a natural and rustic feel to the home. Apart from that, while this decoration is applied to homes, ethnic patterned furniture, linen fabrics, wood detailed accessories, natural looking baskets can be used.

Recommendations for Decorating a Rustic Style

This style, which we usually encounter in the renovation projects of old country houses, turns into a unique masterpiece by combining natural and raw elements with modern objects. It is often said that rustic style consists entirely of old elements and cannot be combined with modern lines; but this is a completely wrong opinion.

Here are Some Suggestions for Rustic Style Decoration:

 Combine Modern Lines with Raw Elements: The most misunderstanding regarding the rustic style is that it is far from modernism. However, if you are a good decorator, you can blend modern items with raw wood. You can make room for modern items in the right corner of your kitchen and living room. You can add modern chairs to a table made of wood.

Love Raw Wood: The indispensable part of this style is raw wood. You will see something made of wood all over the house from floor to ceiling. Of course it is not the only element; however, woods that have been painted, varnished or given special forms with coatings such as lacquer form the basis.

Add Cooker Stove to the Kitchen: One of the must-have items in the kitchen of a rustic style home is the stove with a stove. Use it or not; But when you put the stove somewhere in the kitchen, you will see that the air will change immediately.

Do Not Give Up Naturalness: This style of decoration, which comes to mind as mountain and farmhouse, is extremely suitable for those who love naturalness. You will feel the comfort, the freshness and vitality of nature in every corner of your home. For this reason, choose your accessories for naturalness. Likewise, choose textured natural pieces in your curtains and other fabrics.

Ceramic, Marble and Natural Stones: You can choose your accessories during a trekking to decorate your home in a rustic style. You can use natural stones to decorate your home. You can choose a marble surface coffee table. You can add color to your home with ceramic vases, sculptures and wall ornaments.

Set Your Budget: Decorating a rustic-style home can have a high budget. You may have to pay more than you think for raw wood, natural stones, marbles and antiques. For this reason, we recommend that you start this business after setting your budget.

What Should Be Considered When Making Rustic Decoration?

When applying rustic decoration items to your home, there are very important points to consider. Because it is a costly form of decoration, the mistakes you make can cost you dearly. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following items:


  • The point to be considered when making rustic decoration is not to overwhelm the house with dark colors. Because, in this style, brown tones are generally used, light tones should be prioritized, at least in the selected fabrics. When using these shades, care should be taken not to overwhelm the house and not to lose sunlight.


  • Generally, matte and polished woods are used for furniture. The point to be noted here is that the tree is very visible in furniture.


  • Choosing walnut, maple, oak and cherry trees will be very correct when choosing furniture. Orange and white are among the colors that suit brown and do not disturb the integrity. These colors are very common in rustic decoration.


  • Flowers can also be helped while applying this decoration type. While the flower adds a natural atmosphere to the house, it also gives a beautiful appearance. In addition, second-hand items can be bought and evaluated easily.


  • In this decoration where DIY projects can be easily applied, glass figures can also be frequently used. In addition, candles add a different atmosphere to rustic decoration.

What are Rustic Decoration Examples?

Rustic home decoration houses are filled with the mysterious breeze of the past and integrate with the peaceful effect of nature. When all these are applied correctly, rustic decoration is made. There are examples that correctly make this decoration. The details usually seen in these examples are armchairs with ethnic fabric and furniture with tree details.

Rustic Style Living Room

Patterned blankets or covers can be used on chairs and armchairs for rustic decoration. The ceilings are generally wood, and the middle tables are preferred from raw wood. Particular attention should be paid to creating an old air while making this decoration that adapts the old to the present in a modern way.

This decoration is not a kind of decoration that everyone can like. Because dark colors are preferred instead of bright pastel tones. For this reason, a dark environment is provided. The colors used in rustic homes are brown and its shades. Leather sofas can also be used in these houses, which contain all shades of brown.

Rustic Style Bedroom

In bedrooms, pieces with naturalness are also preferred. Bedheads can also be made of untreated wood material. In order to give a different atmosphere to the room, stone walls or embossed wallpaper that gives the appearance of bricks can be laid.

Curtain selection is also very important. It is not right to use too many dark curtains in terms of entering the house, so wicker roller blinds can be recommended for those who want to have a rustic style.

Rustic Style Kitchen

The place where the rustic home decoration type shows itself the most is the kitchens. Because the materials preferred in both tables and chairs; It gives a feeling of eating in nature.

The House Turkey

The House Turkey

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