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What is Retro Decoration?

What is Retro Decoration

What is Retro Decoration?

Retro decoration has been preferred frequently in recent years. The reason for this is that people are bored with mediocrity. Retro style is the transportation of furniture or items that were frequently used between 1950 and 1980. The combination of the materials used between these years with today’s technology and taking their places in homes is called retro decoration.

Let’s especially note that retro decoration does not mean filling nostalgic items in the house. It refers to the adapted version of the pieces that reflect a certain period from the past but where vitality is at the forefront. Today, there are many types of home decoration. These are named in different ways such as country, modern, vintage, rustic and bohemian.

People decide what their homes will look like according to their own tastes. It is extremely important that every item is in harmony with each other. For this reason, people who have difficulties can also get help from an interior designer. Apart from that, people who do not want to get help from the interior designer or who do not have the power to get help can benefit from the internet.

There is a lot of information on the internet about retro decoration. This type of decoration, which emerged with the modern adaptation of the past to the present, gives people peace and increases their creativity. It is possible to add a retro atmosphere to the home only with the right selection of accessories. When the house is decided to be retro-furnished from top to bottom, the possibility of getting bored with this situation after a while should be taken into consideration and the furniture should be selected accordingly.

How to Make Retro Decoration?

It is extremely easy to apply the retro style in homes. Furniture suitable for this style, if you want to be really retro, then you can go to the antique shops and choose the furniture suitable for your home. Apart from that, retro style furniture can be found in popular furniture stores.

Both the location and width of the house and the model of other items have an important place in determining the retro style. For this reason, attention should be paid to these first, and then retro style decoration should be started. You can watch movies or documentaries from old times to really see and learn about the retro style. In this way, ideas can be taken and applied more accurately.

What are the Features of the Items Used in Retro Decoration?

Since the retro style is a style that comes from the old years, aged items are generally used. Patchwork sofa models are frequently preferred as armchairs. In addition, printed, bright and motif models are preferred for pillows. In these years, the houses are generally colorful. It favors a fun color, not simplicity. Apart from this, extremely colorful models with flowers or patterns are used on the walls.

The colors used in this style are generally vibrant. In particular, colors such as pink, green, red and orange are widely used. Apart from these colors, mustard yellow, purple and indigo blue are used.

Seats, curtains, pillows are extremely colorful. However, wood color or dark brown is preferred for furniture such as tables, nests, and coffee tables. Carpet selection is also extremely colorful. At this point, the situation that needs to be considered is not to turn the house into an amusement park because I will make it colorful and retro. Colors should be vibrant and compatible with each other.

Suggestions for Retro Decoration

Your grandmother’s house may be the first door you need to knock to have a home like in Turkish movies. You can make an old sofa set the most beautiful item of your living room with a few renovations. Likewise, you can use the center table and the barber for this decoration.

You can have this type of furniture made to revive the futuristic trend of the 1970s. In this way, while your home gains a unique appearance, you can teleport to those years. You can watch films that will inspire you, learn exactly how this trend is and bring all the elements together.

Use colors in every corner of your home without hesitation. You can catch the retro mood by using colors on your walls, furniture and accessories boldly. For example, you can choose your walls and your seats in contrasting colors. You can opt for a green wall and yellow armchairs, red pillows and orange accessories.

Do not forget that carpets have a great place in this style of decoration. You can choose a rug with colorful, contrasting hues and complex lines. Likewise, you can use tile tiles for flooring. You can choose them in pastel tones or you can create a colorful background.

If you do not want to create a mixed atmosphere in the retro, which is a colorful decoration, you should try to preserve the integrity. Let’s say you prefer furniture dominated by black and white and gray walls, while you can include colorful designs on coffee tables and paintings. It is possible to capture this mood by revealing a few items with colors.

You should prefer velvets and upholstery in fabric selection. Do not neglect to use curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor and look full. You can also use velvet covered seats and background curtains. Do not get used to the beanbag chairs and cushions.

You can choose dark walnut and bright chrome colors for furniture. Likewise, you can complement hard plastic chairs with colorful cushions. Do not forget to use geometric patterns to complement these furniture. Do not avoid these patterns on fabrics.

You can complete your futuristic furniture with wallpapers. When you look at the old Turkish movies, you will definitely see that there is a sheet of paper on the walls. Some of them consist of geometric shapes, while others may have plant and animal patterns. You can easily decide the pattern according to the environment you will use. Likewise, you can apply the stone wall look to a wall.

What Are Retro Decoration Samples?

Retro decoration examples are very common nowadays. In fact, the closest examples are the old grandmother’s or grandmother’s houses. Retro traces are seen in these. Apart from that, in recent years, retro has been used by adapting it to today.

This style, which emerged with the revival of old items in homes, expresses warmth for most people. Due to the fact that it is colorful and the use of old-style furniture, the environment turns into a warm and vintage atmosphere.

Retro Style Living Room

Retro style is not too difficult to use. However, the selection of the materials used is extremely important. As seen in the living room example, colorful objects are indispensable for retro houses. Pillows and ornaments add vitality and joy to the home. For this reason, the selection of accessories is also extremely important.

Retro Style Bedroom

The striking features in retro house examples are generally the same. Curtains are patterned. Carpets are usually chosen in colors that provide unity. The furniture used is thin and understated. Wood or metal materials can be used.

Retro Style Kitchen

The most vibrant colors should also be preferred in the kitchen. In our example of the kitchen decorated in retro style, old but adapted lines from the refrigerator to the floor covering stand out.

The House Turkey

The House Turkey

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