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نحن شركة تركية عقارية تصنف في مقدمة الشركات العقارية في تركيا، المقر الرئيسي للشركة في إسطنبول, كما لها وكلاء في مدن أخرى داخل تركيا. تمتاز ” The House Turke”  بتركيزها على المشاريع الموثوقة أو ذات الضمان الحكومي الرسمي.

حققت “The House Turke” نجاحات كبيرة في أسواق العقار التركية خلال مسيرتها الطويلة, خلال الخبرة العملية الواسعة جعلتها في أوائل شركات العقار في تركيا, بإضافة إلى الشهرة الواسعة والسمعة الحسنة, خدماتنا المميزة في الاستثمار العقاري حازت على ثقة المستثمرين العقاريين وشركات الإنشاء التركية.

إمتلك شقتك في إسطنبول بأروع موقع و خطة دفع مريحة, نحن نقدم أفضل الشقق الرخيصة بأسعار في متناول الجميع. نقدم أفضل المشاريع أجودها وبأسعار معقولة وتناسب الجميع. تريد الحصول على الجنسية التركية, نحن نوفر عقارات مطابقة للجنسية التركية, ونقوم باستخراج الاقامات العقارية. استثمر في شراء 250 الف دولار و احصل على الجنسية التركية فوراً.

نحن نوفر للمستثمر شقق سكنية فاخرة في أفضل المشاريع الاستثمارية العقارية في تركيا (BÜYÜKYALI , City Center Esenyurt , 3S Firuze KONAKLARI , Nidapark Bomonti , Agaoglu Maslak 1453 , Nef Bahçelievler , VADISTANBUL)

هل تريد قضاء العطلة الصيفية في الفللة الخاصة بك وبالمقربة من مركز اسطنبول, نحن نقدم لكم فلل فخمة بأسعار معقولة وبمتناول أيدي الجميع في أجمل المناطق التركية يالوفا سكاريا سبانجا بورصا.

هل تريد الابتعاد عن ضغوط الحياة ويكون لديك شجرة مثمرة في أرض خضراء, نحن نقدم لك أراضي زراعية مع بيوت ريفية جميلة.
أراضي مناسبة لتكون بيت ريفي, بيت للعطلات, أراضي زراعية مناسبة للزراعة وتربية البقر والأغنام والطيور.
أراضي زراعية مصرح لها من قبل الحكومة التركية لبناء منزل داخلها.راض


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احصل على افضل العروض العقارية في اسطنبول لدينا افضل كادر احترافي متخصص بالأستشارات العقارية. يمكنك السكن مباشرة وتقسيط الباقي على دفعات تصل حتى 10 سنوات خدماتنا هي الافضل في تركيا. اكثر من 100 مشروع عقاري. ضمان افضل الاسعار. عروض تقسيط مذهلة.

قم بزيارة موقعنا لتصفح المشاريع السكنية والإستثمارية ولا تتردد بالاتصال بنا على الرقم 55 15 430 507 90+. شقق بضمان الحكومة التركية. خيارات استثمارية متعددة. شقق بالتقسيط المريح. فلل بمناطق راقية.

هدف شركتنا هو مشروع بأسعار في متناول الجميع.

11 Steps Organic Farming Should Know

organic farming

11 Steps Organic Farming Should Know

Start Small Steps

If you want to set foot in the organic farming world, we have good news for you. As you research in this area, the more you mingle with new plants or flowers, the more fun you will have and the more you realize what you can do. However, in the beginning stage, you may not know whether the environment, plant characteristics and possibilities are suitable or not. For this reason, if you go step by step and expand your garden as you get productive crops, you can experience a long-term organic farming process.

Think What You Consume How Much

The first thing you need to do in your garden where you can grow fruits and vegetables is to decide what to grow. If you’re going to focus on fruits and vegetables whose crops you want to consume, you may need to do some analysis. For example, “Which foods are more difficult for me to access, which foods do I consume more?” You can make a decision with questions like. You can choose products that you do not prefer to buy from the market or the market or that you find difficult. In the same way, you can focus on the foods that you consume constantly and which you can collect and use from your garden at any time.

Make the Most of the Sun

The most important keystone in your decisions when designing a garden area is the sun. You should perform a good analysis while positioning the plants that are fed by sunlight and whose growth rate and quality depend on this criterion.

You should investigate whether the organic product you are going to grow likes the sun and whether it needs to take the sun from a certain angle. Then you should design a garden area so that other plants or household elements that can be found in the garden do not block the sun. If you want to grow it in the house or on the balcony, of course, it is important to prepare a suitable environment for the plants that need to benefit from sunlight.

Soil Quality Changes Everything

The quality of the soil, where plants spend their lives, determines many issues in the organic farming process. If you choose an inefficient soil that does not have enough properties for the plant, you may not get the result you want, no matter how much fertilizer or plant-boosting product you use. Likewise, if you try to cultivate a fertile soil when it is too wet or moist, you can destroy the structure of the soil. Therefore, you must use the right soil under the right conditions.

Investigate Required Moisture Requirement

Not all fruits, vegetables or flowers can grow in the same climatic environment. Although you want to create your dream garden, you may not be able to do it side by side. For this reason, you should research the moisture requirement of each plant you plan to grow. Thus, you will not encounter an unproductive surprise in the process. You can also create a greenhouse environment for plants that need different humidity levels.

Prepare Organic Agriculture Climate Calendar

If you are planning to design your garden in a location that will be exposed to climatic conditions directly, you should create a climate calendar. If you are aiming for a long-term organic farming project, you can keep a notebook for it. You can note the cold start days, frost conditions, and the most burning periods in the year.

Learn Plant Characteristics Thoroughly

You may need to plant or plant the plants you intend to grow in your organic farming garden as seeds or seedlings. Likewise, you may need to prune or inoculate at certain times to get better yields from some plants. If you compile such detailed information at the beginning while designing your garden, you can proceed more easily in the process.

It is İmportant to Water Regularly, Not Too Much

Contrary to popular belief, plants grow efficiently when watered regularly, not when watered too much. Plants that are watered more than their roots need may die. For this reason, you can create the necessary irrigation scheme for your exhaustion by checking whether the soil is dry every day after watering.

Avoid Disease and Insects

Disease and insects are also factors that shorten the life of organic agricultural products. You can produce chemical or natural solutions even though your plants get sick in some periods.

Also, if you suffer from insects that damage your plants, you can use natural remedies that do not harm the plant but repel the insects. Likewise, if you experience this problem frequently, you may want to consider changing the position of the plants.

Ensure Healthy Growth of Roots

The reason why plants fed from their roots as well as from their leaves often fail to produce results with the expected yield is that their roots cannot develop as they should. Therefore, when designing your garden in the soil, you should determine the space between the plants according to the root growth pattern. Likewise, you can allow plants to grow optimally by removing stone-like obstacles under the soil.

Benefit from Natural Fertilizers

You can make your plants grow faster or produce more efficient crops in some conditions. For this, you can choose flower thickeners or fertilizers. Of course, at this point, natural fertilizer will be the best choice to realize organic farming conditions in the best way. For example, by using boiled egg water or banana peel water, you can develop your plants faster and healthier.

The House Turkey

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